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Jaisalmer TourismThe city has an interesting legend associated with it, according to which, Lord Krishna-the head of the Yadav Clan, foretold Arjuna that a remote descendent of the Yadav Clan would built his kingdom atop the Trikuta Hill. His prophecy was fulfilled in 1156 A.D. when Rawal Jaisal, a descendent of the Yadav Clan and a Bhatti Rajput, abandoned his fort at Lodurva and founded a new capital - Jaisalmer, perched on the Trikuta Hill.

Bahti Rajputs of Jaisalmer were feudal chiefs who lived off the forced levy on the caravans laden with precious silks and spices that crossed the territory enroute Delhi-or-Sind. These caravans earned the town great wealth.


In Summer:41.6 C (Max) - 25 C (Min)
In winter: 23.6 C (Max) - 7.9 C (Min)
Rainy Season : July to Mid Sept, and very humid (upto 90%)
Our suggestion: Best time to come: Nov. to Mar.

The Jaisamer Fort

Jaisalmer Tourismrises above its city like a mirage from the sands. The second oldest fort in Rajasthan, it was built in 1156 by the Rajput ruler Jaisala. At the time the entire city lay within the fort but as the town prospered and its population grew it spilled out into the land below where merchants set up beautiful Sam Sand Duneshavelis. The most amazing thing though is the fact that till this day 25% of Jaisalmer's population resides within the fort, its temples and palaces are now monuments and part of heritage but the streets are packed with shops, people and children playing hopscotch. Its an extraordinary experience to walk around these still inhabited lanes and feel like you have somehow been transported back in time.

Sam Sand Dunes

Jaisalmer TourismNo trip to Jaisalmer is complete without a trip to the most picturesque dunes of Sam.The ripples on the wind-caressed dunes,that create an enchanting mirage, are surely a delight for a tigger-happy photographer. Various cultural programmers are organised against the backdrop of these fascinating sand dunes.Exciting camel safaris allow you to get the real feel of the desert on the camel back.

The Jain Temples

Jaisalmer TourismThree exquisitely sculptured Jain temples dedicated to Rishabhdevji, Sambhavanathji and the Ashthapadi temple are located within the fort. Their ornamentation, done in the style of the Dilwara temples at Mt. Abu, is marvellous. The emerald icon of Mahavira here is an unparalleled gem.

The Salim-Singh-ki-Haveli

Jaisalmer Tourismis a magnificent edifice whose two upper storeys had to be demolished and yet whose surviving structure has unsurpassed splendor. Particularly noteworthy are the rows of peacocks below the jharokhas (projected arched balconies).


Jaisalmer Tourismis near the city centre. Its five suites built between AD 1800 and AD 1860 are evidence of Jaisalmer’s legendary architectural wealth. The balconies are delicately chiseled, and oblique sunrays create enchanting and dramatic shadows. It is the grandest mansion in Jaisalmer , a veritable museum piece in the open.

The Gadisar Lake

Jaisalmer Tourismis an important historic symbol as it was once the only source of water for the kingdom of Jaisalmer. This soothing desert oasis has now become a populaEnquiry Nowr picnic spot and pedal and paddle-boats are available on hire.

How To Reach
By Train The nearest railway station that caters to Jaisalmer - bounded travellers is at Jodhpur. Jodhpur is connected to many other indian cities by train.

By Road Rajasthan Roadways run very comfortable deluxe & air conditioned buses from Jaipur, Jodhpur, Bikaner. The roads are very good and fairly comfortable.

By Air The nearest airport that caters to Jaisalmer - bounded travellers is at Jodhpur. Jodhpur is connected to many other indian cities by air.




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